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Monday, September 25, 2017

槟城有什么好玩!! Ways to Have Fun in Penang!!

距离上一次我去槟城应该是10多年前吧!! 呵呵!! 而且和10年前相比, 真的变了很多, 旅游景点也增加了许多!!

这一篇文章将会是以双语的方式呈现哦!! 而且有亮点,大家往下看吧, 看到的话就留言, 呵呵!!

Ways to Have Fun in Penang!

Penang is a place full of fun things to do. If you ever decided to drop by in Penang, here are some of the ways to have fun...the right way!

I will take you on a journey to find all the fun things you can do with your friends and family! Let’s get to it!

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They’re pretty easy to navigate and understand. It’ll definitely help you a lot. So, let’s do this thing!

Penang Hill 槟城升旗山

Okay, first up is the Penang Hill. Penang Hill is the oldest British hill station in the Southeast Asia. It takes you back to 1700’s. That’s how old we’re talking about right now.

The hill is like 2,732 sq ft above sea level and has funicular track stretches until 1.99 km from the lower to the upper station. This track is marked as the longest in Asia.

If you enjoy watching the trees and nature, this place will definitely give you joy. 

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I gotta say, staying close to this kind of place where are you see is the nature, is a dream.

Street Art in Georgetown 乔治市壁画

Next, we have the artistic side of Penang. Do you like seeing graffitis or paintings, Penang has a whole street art for you to consume till your artsy heart's content. You will the creation of talented people along these walls.

It’s literally on the street called Street Art in Penang Island. Some of the paintings you can find are a gigantic-size cat, kids on bicycles and much more. The beauty of art is clearly shown along the walls. 

Dragon Lee 李小龙

Entopia 槟城蝴蝶公园

Insect lovers, prepare to have your wigs buzzed off. Entopia brings you the joy of having a giant aquarium of butterflies and beautiful insects alive in front of your own eyes.

You can track down the place at Jalan Teluk Bahang on the Penang Island. They have different packages for special tours around the place.

The whole environment is very lively with greens and garden-ish aroma to it. For those who are really into seeing different species of butterflies will surely enjoy this trip.

Adventure Zone

It’s time for blood, sweat and tears, baby! Lose the calm and peaceful tour around Penang, and dive into the crazy world of Adventure Zone where slides, jungle gym and all those fun obstacle challenges liven up your day.

What’s cool about this place is that kids may also enjoy the craziness of the place. The place is at the Golden Sands Resort, Batu Ferringhi along Jalan Batu Ferringhi.

Your kids will totally appreciate you for bringing them there. Heck, you might too! 

Escape Adventureplay 逃生冒险主题公园

Another extreme fun time is a go! This time around, we’re spending it outdoors! Welcome to the epic amusement park here in Penang. The Escape Adventureplay is fun family bonding activity you can enjoy.

All the cool water and obstacle experiences are to live for. The various obstacle course will put your hearts pumping with their flying fox, monkey bars and rope bridges.

They have levels of obstacle courses, so, if you’re new to it, don’t worry, they won’t put you on the extreme kind of courses. Get your guts on and prepare for a wonderful adventure!

Pulau Payar Marine Park Snorkeling Tour 【马来西亚兰卡威】芭椰岛浮潜

Okay, maybe you’re not into the whole swinging by a rope thing. Maybe the sea can spice things up for you?

The Pulau Payar Marine Park Snorkeling Tour gives you the chance to be one with the sea creatures. Where else can you live your deepest desire to be a mermaid or a merman?

Come on, don’t be shy, let it go and just keep swimming! This place provides swimming and snorkelling activity, plus ferry rides between Penang and Pulau Bayar.

How else are you going to get there, right? You can enjoy the clear blue sea under the clear blue sky, the corals, the colourful fishes and be majestically embraced by the wonders of the island itself. Nothing says relaxation like what this place has to offer.

Orangutan Island and Mangrove Forest Day Trip

Done seeing animals under the sea? Let’s try visiting animals above the sea level and up on the trees?

Visit one of the most brilliant creatures of all time, the Orang Utans in their natural habitat. See how these cute and lovable creatures live their life and are amazed of how close to human they configure themselves.

Well, our DNA is almost 98% the same, right? Just by looking into their eyes, you can somehow feel a connection - like they can understand you just as much.

Take this kind of trip into the forest will really let you and your family bond together, not to mention a peace of mind from the business of the outside world. What better way to have fun than

~~ The End ~~


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