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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

First time Sharing About Super Life Secret Code in English ~ FB LIVE Replay


下线后忘记拍照,所以就screen shoot咯





就来这里repost, 呵呵。 


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Sylvia Turn

Gratitude to Master Ted Sun

Gratitude to Universe

Gratitude to The Sun

I am Sylvia from Malaysia, Melaka. 

I am doing social media content creator. 

I am also the mother of 3 kids and here with my husband, let him say hi to you all and let her start share with the before and after when learning super life secret code. 

Desmond Turn

Gratitude to Master Ted Sun

Gratitude to Universe

Gratitude to The Sun

I am Desmond from Malaysia, I was borned in Sabah, and now stay with wife at Melaka. 

I am working in recycle industry.

Actually my wife was the one who start learned Super life secret code, before she joined, she is a very hot temper and stubborn person, scolded me everyday, but i wont quarrel with her, coz i knew is her attitude, love a person, also accept all her weaknesses.

but after i start learning super life secret code, i knew hot temper is negative energy, which is also will harmful to health. and my wife really got health problem at December of 2018

now i pass my turn to my wife to explain more。

Sylvia Turn

Ya, i remember 28 december of 2018 i was suddenly in fainted after a quarell with my husband, and my body reaction was very weird, which is i dont want contact to anyone, dont want see facebook, dont want talk to ppl, dont want to listen to any calls, i only want to talk to my husband. 

then we go for Psychotherapy,according to the Psychotherapist, i was depression and need go for specialist. but i refused to admit and only go for my doctor friend to have some supplements. 

then by sept of 2019, my introducer Lyn pass me a book 'a promise of thousand years' chinese version, at first, i thought is something related to religion, i just ignore it. until Lynn sister in law's Nyco, who doing FB live share about SLSC, after i saw her 3 fb live, i can feel something in my head was 'running', that time i dont know what is it. made me curious about it, then from that, i start learning slsc

along the journey of learning, i had found out, the reason of my depression was due to my body, mind and soul was seriously imbalance.  i am eally strong ego person, always want people fullfil my expectation, that;s why i always though my husband no good enough, so always scolded him. he is very good man, work to earn money for family, do housework and also take care kid, i still very picky person. which is really a big mistake i made.  

and i found out the reason why my body, mind and soul was imbalance, actually in sept of 2016, when i went through Caesarean section to give birth. While the Caesarean Section Anesthetics(it was half body anesthesia) was yet to be effective, the doctor was already started to cut my tummy with the knife, i was really in pain and screaming loud, i was so scared, and requested for  general anesthesia (全身麻醉)。this experience had caused me hated the doctor and anesthetist, before I learned slsc.

i could remember this pain for almost 4 years and such hatred towards the doctor and anesthetist imprinted deep inside my soul.

but after i had learned SLSC, and practiced the love and gratitude, one day, during the visualization meditation, the memory of Caesarean section appeared, and immediately I radiated gratitue to the doctor and anesthetist.

Actually they were the life Savior to me and my son. Now my son is 5 year old son, both of us are healthy, i should be gratitude to them and not to hate them.

After this data was reset , now i hardly remember that pain anymore, as i recall this memory, it is always full of love and gratitude.

and now i am  no more hot temper and stubborn, and my depression also recover without consume any medicine or treatment. and the relationship with my husband also used to be sweet and harmony everyday. 

and now i would like to share about the relationship with my 2 elder sons which 14 & 15 year old. before learning slsc, i was used to scolded my sons, so our relationship was not close enough. so after i learnt, i knew i made a lot mistakes towards them, so one day, i apologizes to them face to face, and wish they can forgive me. 

i can remember after i said sorry to them, they really smile like a cute young boy, i asked myself, how long i never see their happiness, who is the one made them not happy all the time, ya, is me. from that day onwards, our relationship is really totally change, we used to chit chat and make laugh together, have fun together, 

and one more i would like share by may of this year, the second day i was doing sun energy luck changing, my husband get a good job from a listed company, which is surprised me a lot. 

now i pass my turn to Desmond

Desmond Turn

Ya, very thankful to my wife for doing sun energy luck changing, really felt gratitude to master ted sun. 

now my wife really have big change, last time fierce like a tiger, now gentle like a flower. 

because of super life secret code, i have a better career, good wife and happy family. 

so , today is all our sharing. 

Thank you very  much













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